Sunnah Sports

Bringing the Sunnah to the Youth


“I can’t wait every Friday for Sunnah Sports.”
– Amin

“I’m happy to send my kids to Sunnah Sports!”
– N.Kaludi

“My two older sons have attended the Friday evening sports time already. They love it!! They will bring their 11 year-old brother next time, inshAllah.”
– K. Johnson

“Sunnah Sports helped me grow from a boy into a man alhamdulillah.”
-S. Syed

We had a session where we asked our participants from our girls’ program for feedback:

“I liked making clay pots. Also decorating the pots. And eating pancakes and slopy joes! And making crafts. And going to the Park. And playing with my friends. Also games!”
– R. Sae

“I’m very much thankful for Sunnah Sports”
– Rida

“It’s great that young muslims can do creative projects like this.”

“I love the food too! ❤ JazakAllah for everything, I love coming here because it’s really fun!”

“I like the way we do fun activities everytime.”
– Z. Raheem

“I look forward to Sunnah Sports every week.”









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