Sunnah Sports

Bringing the Sunnah to the Youth



We will meet every Friday from 6pm-10:15pm (after ‘Isha salaah) inshAllah.


Islamic Foundation Villa Park
300 W. High Ridge Rd.
Villa Park, IL 60181
[In the old gym]


Sports we will play:
– Archery
– Basketball
– Dodgeball
– Football
– Water Sports
– And much more!


– Participants check-in with Br. Thymur for attendance and waiver registration
– Kids play sports until 6:30pm when they will pray ‘Asr salaah in the masjid as a Jama’ah.
– Kids resume sports until 8:30pm for praying Maghrib salaah.
– Kids go back to playing until 9:20pm when dinner is served.
– As dinner is served, Br. Hussain or Br. Thymur will give a brief talk on issues pertinent to our youth today.
– Program ends with ‘Isha salaah.

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