Sunnah Sports

Bringing the Sunnah to the Youth

Regular Hours and Hot Chocalate!

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Asalaamu ‘Alaykum everyone,

There will be Sunnah Sports today (Jan 17th) insha’Allah. As this is the blessed month of Rabi al-Awwal, Rabi un Noor, and Rabi ul-Anwar[The Spring/Month full of Light], we have hot chocolate, marshmallows, and fresh baked gyros pizzas to show thanks and appreciation to Allah for providing us with the Best Example to follow, for blessing us with a guiding Light, and for providing us with a Mercy that will help us on the Day of Judgement: our Beloved Prophet Sayyidinah Muhammad al-Mustafa (SalAllahu ‘Alayhi wa Alihi wa Salim). So alhamdulillah, we are allowed have some great ‘yummies’ tonight in such a blessed month! SubhanAllah!

Br. Hussain Jilani saab is bringing extra chocolates, caramels, and candy for kids as well throughout the day and perhaps at dinner time as well. (:

But PLEASE NOTE: Sunnah Sports (both the boys and the girls program) is back to regular hours (start 6pm and end 10pm)

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